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If you are reading this, our organization needs your help.

We recently discovered this mysterious executable file which we have dubbed Subject Twelve. We are not sure what its true purpose is or who made it, but we have reason to believe the file contains information that is invaluable to our organization. However, not only is this information guarded by an array of security features, but we also are certain the game is alive and does not want to be played. 

None of us are skilled enough to bypass the security features, and so we ask you, [NAME], to lend us a hand. Help us extract this information. Help us beat the game that doesn't want to be played."


Subject Twelve is a top-down, twin stick shooter that I developed over the course of six months for an assignment! It was shown off at NSI TAFE's booth at PAX Australia 2017, and now it's out! Huzzah!

I'm pretty much done working on the game and I'm super proud of what I've created. I hope you all enjoy it as well. I don't plan on developing it further, but I will definitely update the game with bugfixes if the need arises!



- 5 challenging levels boards security programs to defeat!

- Super fun and engaging gameplay!

- Small snippets of story in between each level! It's also skippable in case it's not your cup of caffeinated beverage!

- An art style inspired by old Macintosh computers, complete with scanlines.

- Twin stick shooter controls! You won't ever have to touch that mouse of yours!

- Controller support! Joystick it to the man! (I have just been informed that I am prohibited from ever doing jokes of this nature for the rest of my life.)

- Original music composed in Soundation! It'll be up on my SoundCloud soon!

- You get to shoot skull pizzas.

Install instructions

Extract the .zip before playing!!


SubjectTwelve.zip 34 MB


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Very fun, witty and polished—great job! I'm sure many would be interested in in the development process for this.

Thanks, my dude!!